Friday, October 26, 2012


Someone from church recently reminded me that I have a "blog."  Allegedly, there's a time in which I would write articles for this "blog" on a semi-regular basis.  I'm also told that I used to find "blogging" to be a creative outlet and a way to participate in conversations about things that were important to me.

That kinda sounds like fun.  Maybe I should try it again.

I haven't written an original post since July 12.  Since then, I've

  • traveled to New Orleans with people from my church for a Lutheran youth event
  • seen my friend Jake become cancer-free
  • watched my house become emptier, with all three kids in full-day school
  • done a handful of consultations / speaking gigs
  • listened to a lot of Mumford & Sons
  • worked on projects for Faith Lens, sparkhouse, and Wholeness & Holiness
  • spent time in Denver (my favorite city)
Probably the most significant change in the last few months has been my role at church.  After nine years at Windsor Heights Lutheran, I worked to develop a new job description.  It's a ministry mutt position in the areas of children, youth, family, young adult, music, and communications ministries.  This new role comes with a 12-month trial - with the plan to evaluate how / if the leadership and I feel this position effectively combines the needs of the congregation with the gifts and interests of the staff person.  It's been quite a transition!

So, that's a quick update on my life.  Moving forward I hope to continue sharing stories, insights, and questions about what's going on in the world.  As always, I'm grateful for the participation of those who read and interact with koinonia.