Erik Ullestad is the Family Life & Youth Director at Windsor Heights Lutheran Church in Des Moines, IA.  He is husband to Allison and father to Anna, Isaac, and Evan.  Erik espouses Luther’s sinner-saint dialectic, a theology of the cross, and the belief that right-brained thinking will change the world.  He occasionally writes for sparkhouse and the Youth Cartel, is co-founder of ElbowCo., and currently serves as chair of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network board of directors.

Koinonia is derived from Greek word that means "communion by intimate participation."  Early Christians used this term when engaging in what we now know as Holy Communion.  They also considered koinonia a time of engaging in fellowship and communal living.  Regarding on-line koinonia, we hope for civil discourse, an open sharing of ideas, and a pervasive culture of mutual respect.