Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today is one of those days that I have a ton of strange thoughts in my head...for example:
  • The separation between church and state is juxtaposed when the voting for public officials takes place in churches...like today at the church where I work
  • Nothing encapsulates the current Lutheran drama more than the existence of two distinct Lutheran Study Bibles.
  • The people in the Midwest towns of Milan, Tripoli, Guttenberg, New Prague, Madrid, and Orion must have difficulty learning phonetics
  • If your computer crashes in the midst of typing something, is that God trying to tell you not to write it?
  • Can we please limit the number of special edition / director's cut / extended footage versions of movies on DVD? I don't want to buy a movie and then find out 2 years later that it's not the complete version.
  • My 1st grader is already asking for an iPod
  • I'm starting to think that it's harder to understand the formula for credit scores than the BCS college football rankings
  • I could easily do 85% of my job away from my office
  • Adults are usually worse at handling inter-personal conflict than kids
  • 4 children died of hunger in the time it took you to read this...and over 100 died in the time it took me to write this random crap
  • When someone says, "you look just like _____" I always feel bad for the other person

What's on your mind today?

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