Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rocky Mountain Youth

Late last night, I commended to my friends on Twitter and Facebook this excellent article by Denver area pastor, Rev. Matthew Bolz-Weber. The premise isn't new - youth are the church of today, not just the church of the future - but the way in which MBW articulates his point is refreshing. His closing statement is his best:

If we are not willing to actively give up the idea that young people are the church of tomorrow, then I'm tempted to start talking about older people as the church of yesterday.

I wondered what prompted Matthew to take no prisoners in his assertion that all of God's people, regardless of age, are full members of the Body of Christ.

Maybe it's because the Lutheran Youth Organization of the Rocky Mountain Synod raised $36,657.65 and established a resolution to be a pilot synod for the Lutheran Malaria Initiative. What an amazing witness!

How are the young people in your life teaching, leading, and inspiring you in a life of faith?

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