Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Holiday

"America's best public theologian" (according to @dianabutlerbass) weighed in on the Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays discussion.  This has sparked some articles from theologian bloggers...two of which I found particularly insightful.

Dr. James F. McGrath (Exploring Our Matrix)
While many American Christians complain about what the store employees wish them, they are there in the stores alongside everyone else, engaging in a practice that has no real Biblical roots, making purchases in the spirit of our contemporary materialistic age.

Rev. Brant Clements (Living Lutheran)
The cruciform letter chi, which is written “X,” has been used for centuries as an abbreviation for “Christ.” The abbreviation “Xmas” is not blasphemous. It no more takes Christ out of Christmas than does the abbreviation “C-mas.”  Xians who take offense at the abbreviation “Xmas” only show their ignorance of their own faith. Even if “Xmas” were an insult, taking offense would be a betrayal of the teacher who told us to “turn the other cheek.” So this year, I will be keeping “X” in Xmas.

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