Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Extravaganza Workshops

This weekend I'll be at the ELCA Youth Ministry Network "Extravaganza" - a time of continuing education and renewal for youth ministers.  I like going to this event for two reasons -- spending time with colleagues and attending workshops.  There are lots of good offerings this year at the Extravaganza.  Here are the ones I'm planning to attend:

101 Children’s Ministry Ideas
Angel Petit & Biz Behrens

Looking for a bucket list of ideas for your next Children’s Ministry or Family Ministry event? Our goal is to share 101 DIFFERENT ideas about themes, programs, curriculum, and ideas that we have never tried! We want to think BIG - and share that with you!

There’s a App for That
Rebekah Wedge Thornhill

Churches are traditionally behind the curve of technology, although technology can enhance ministry. Explore Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and the connectivity of smart phones and texting. Look at the practical theology surrounding these media and the real life applications of technology in the life of the church and the lives of youth.

Write On! Creating Engaging Curriculum for Your Church
Dr. Jeremy Myers & Amanda Berger

You’ll be presented with a sure-fire method for putting together your own curriculum or adapting purchased curriculum to your particular context. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage in the writing process and boost your creativity as well as practice writing your own small group lesson.

Staying Healthy in an Anxious Environment and Congregational System
Sue Megrund & Kris Bjorke

All churches, groups and families are systems. When there is anxiousness in these systems, emotions diminish our ability to creatively solve issues. How we fit into the system, and how we can stay calm and healthy in anxious times is the key to leadership. Join us to discuss these areas along with some tips and tools on how to stay healthy personally under these circumstances.

Renewing Worship: Beyond "Traditional" and "Contemporary"
Nate Frambach

This workshop will survey critically the landscape of Christian worship and expose what’s behind this false divide: a deeper longing for alternatives--not to "traditional" or "contemporary", but rather an alternative to conventionality. Explore principles and practices that will assist congregations to be vital, faithful, and missional worshiping communities.

Changes in suburban youth ministry
Matthew Bolz-Weber

The demographics of the suburbs are shifting. How do congregations help young people wrestle honestly with the myth of suburban affluence? How can young people help congregations recognize and wrestle with living a life of faith in the context of a changing reality that is often unnamed? How do suburban young people faithfully follow Jesus?

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  1. Great choices! Especially the curriculum one! Look forward to seeing you again. Lets try to find time to chat. I'd like to hear more about LIFT. I enjoy your blog and have started my own. Would love your comments.


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