Sunday, April 10, 2011

Media, Medium, Message

Jake Bouma and I recently had the opportunity to share a presentation called "Media ~ Medium ~ Message" at the Day of Renewal for rostered leaders in the Northeastern Iowa Synod.  We are grateful for the warm reception we received from this group of ELCA pastors.

Here was the pre-event description:

You've probably noticed the rapid rate of change in society.  Right or wrong, this impacts our ministries in significant ways.  The Internet is altering human behavior like nothing since the printing press.  The fastest growing faith group is those who are "spiritual but not religious."  Where is the church in all of this?  What is our witness to the world?  What is God calling us to be and do in the future?  What changes are needed in order to make God's call a reality?  We will explore these questions and offer thoughts about relational ministry, social media, and the future of Lutheran ecclesiology with a post-modern spin.  

You are welcome to download a pdf of our presentation slides.  (Not all of them will make sense removed from the context of the spoken words.)

Additionally, we had fun showing these two video clips during the intermission.

This was a great experience for us; one we look forward to replicating in other settings the months to come.

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