Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Trip - Day 10ish

"Where did all the pictures go?"

If you're one of the dozen people who have asked me that question in the past few days, consider this your answer.

The last few days of the trip were jam-packed with events...and it's unsafe to blog while driving...and one of our cameras broke...and the dog ate my homework.

Choose whichever excuse works best for you.

* * *

Now, on to the pictures:

Waiting at the Superdome for our bus to arrive

Loading the bus - ready to serve!

Andreas Hoffmann, Executive Director for Green Light New Orleans

Being the light of the world, one bulb at a time

More light bulb installation in Kenner

We have our clipboards, light bulbs, and fancy orange t-shirts

Our nightly group meeting at the pool side

The fabulous crew of adult leaders

The sign as we departed Concordia Lutheran Church in Sikeston, MO
(our overnight stay on the way home)

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