Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Trip - Day 5

We left Jackson in crowded vehicles and drove through the rain into New Orleans. Somewhere along the three hours on the road, the heat index increased 25 degrees. Ugh!

The young people were astounded by the size and scope of this ELCA Youth Gathering.

One of our adults put on Facebook "I'm in the Big Easy with 36,000 young Lutherans. The Big Easy is looking pastier and whiter than I remember it." A tidal wave of predominantly northern-states folks have washed over the city that was ravaged by hurricane and flood only four years ago.

We are a part of the largest convention in the city of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.

The Associated Press is calling Jesus ~ Justice ~ Jazz the "largest service ministry event ever attempted in three days".

It's a joy to be part of such a significant event - both in the broad impact 300,000+ volunteer hours will have on this city AND in the intimate impact it will have in the lives of individuals.

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