Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Card

Every year, people send Christmas cards with summaries of what their family has been up to in the previous year. As one who likes Easter more than Christmas, I'd like to offer a quick update on what's going on in the life of the Ullestad family...

Evan (3) got his first bike today, which he rode non-stop for over an hour. He loves to tell knock-knock jokes and sing songs to nobody in particular. He's a very silly kid.

Isaac (5) is quite the budding basketball star, practicing on our hoop whenever he gets a chance. He also shed his training wheels and completed an 8-mile ride on Sunday.

Anna (7) recently completed six weeks of tap dance lessons. She reads constantly and loves to play with neighborhood friends. Last week she celebrated her birthday by getting her ears pierced.

Allison turned 31 yesterday, making her one year older than me for a week. She continues playing in a volleyball league and is gearing up for a busy summer of youth recreation programming for the city of West Des Moines.

I am nearing my seven-year anniversary at church. When I'm not riding bikes or shooting hoops with the kids, I'm having fun working on confirmation curriculum and studying the "ecology of the ELCA".

Happy Easter 2010

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