Monday, April 5, 2010

The Madness is Over

If I could only watch, play, or coach one game for the rest of my life it would be basketball. So it is with sadness that I bid farewell to the 2010 College Basketball season. Despite the lunacy of picking Northern Iowa (UNI) to win the title, my dad beat me in our annual bracket contest. (Turns out, he wasn't that crazy - UNI was in the Sweet 16 and Butler University, enrollment 4,000, made it to the championship game.) There were lots of upsets in the early rounds, some fascinating story lines, and a beautifully played national title game.

Here are seven things that I hope to remember from March Madness 2010:

1. The UNI Panthers beating #1 Kansas -

2. Ali "Maurice Newby" Farokhmanesh vs. UNLV

3. Ali "You Can't Be Serious With That Shot" Farokhmanesh vs. Kansas

4. Bob Huggins consoling Da'Shawn Butler after blowing out his knee in the Final Four

5. Gus Johnson calling the epic Xavier vs. Kansas State game

6. Gordon Haywood's half-court shot that almost won the title for Butler

7. Discontinuing my 16-year hatred of Duke...for now

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