Sunday, April 5, 2009


April 5 is a day that the Ullestad household celebrates two birthdays...

Allison turns 30 and my endeavor into blogging turns 1.

The video I posted a couple of weeks ago tells you all you need to know about my dear wife. She is a beautiful combination of serious and silly; a duality that I grow more fond of every day. And, since most readers get annoyed with bloggers who brag about how awesome their spouses are...a few things about the blog.

If you would have told me a year ago that a goofy little blog that I started would have over 16,000 hits in 22 countries, I would have laughed. My foray into blogging was mainly a selfish attempt to explore some ideas and see what the blogosphere subculture was all about. I've continued because I enjoy the intellectual and philosophical give-and-take with folks...and because it's a more productive way to kill time than playing Tetris.

In case you're new to the godsnowhere / koinonia party, here are a few of my faves from the old site in the past year:

Confirmation Epiphany - a lengthy treatise on confirmation ministry

Be John - a theological exploration

Our Local Network - introduction to the Unholy Half-Dozen

Christmas Songs - a great way to spend time between Christmas Eve services

The Dark Knight Live Blog - most popular post; most fun to write

The Solas - a rant about the three / five solas

Stein Auf
- an homage to my favorite band

The Votes Are In - my voting criteria for the '08 Presidential election

Apples - recap of one of my favorite days of the year

Home Improvement
- the redecorating of our basement

Godsnowhere? - one of many unsuccessful attempts at explaining the old blog title

Congregational Identity - took the most time to write (the week after Carlson left)

Confirmation Conversation - this one received the most comments

Mexico By The Numbers
- a recap of my favorite guest speakers in Mexico City

Now the Feast and Celebration - enjoying the day Chipotle opened in WDM

In all seriousness, a happy 30th birthday to my beautiful wife...the kids and I love you like crazy. You're amazing!

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  1. Cool, it's my wife's birthday today too. She is currently celebrating with a nap.


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