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Evan's baptism - April 1, 2007 (Palm Sunday)

Anyone who knows me well understands that I am quirky, to say the least. One of my more prominent oddities is my unabashed love for the 1973 Norman Jewison film, "Jesus Christ Superstar". In the winter of my 10th grade year, I came home every day from school, delivered newspapers, and spent the next 2 hours downstairs watching JCS and working out on my imitation Bowflex. (Coincidentally, I don't recall having a lot of luck with the ladies during my sophomore year...hmmm...)

In honor of Palm Sunday (not Palm / Passion Sunday) I offer you the Hosanna from JCS.

A few comments:

  • Early on you get a glimpse of the High Priest Scaffold...innovative
  • No colt or donkey. Perhaps this was a low-budget film? (Ya think?)
  • Where are the cloaks that are supposed to be thrown on the ground? Don't these people check their sources?
  • Ladies & Gentlemen: Caiaphas, Basso Profundo. Nice hat, brosef!
  • Jesus clearly made body surfing popular centuries before rock & roll concerts
  • During the second verse, Peter squinting oddly while Jesus sings. I love how clueless he looks. (As an aside, the adult film industry owes a debt of gratitude to JCS for shining a bright, brilliant light on young Philip Toubus.)
  • Artsy freeze-frame on the "will you die for me" lyric. Classy...
  • Mary keeping her over-acting streak alive by hamming it up every time the camera is on
  • Ted Neeley is a solid Jesus...saw him last year at the Civic Center...the man has a golden throat (or perhaps titanium).
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the awesomeness that is Jesus Christ Superstar.

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