Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome to Koinonia!

I spent last night with two famous Lutherans, Shane Battier and William H. Macy.

(Actually, they're not that famous...and I didn't really spend time with them, I just watched Fargo and read a great article sports article.)

I find this to be a fitting beginning to my new endeavor on koinonia. I'm an unabashed fan of basketball, movies, and Lutherans...and, as such, will probably spend most of my time touching on those topics.

I hope all of you made it over here from my old site, <>. I'm enjoying my switch to Blogspot. I get the sense that the ceiling is lower than Wordpress, but I also find Blogspot to be more intuitive and requires less user savvy when it comes to programming. Feel free to use the tools to the right to update your rss feed readers, or just subscribe to koinonia via email.

The title for this site is a Greek word that means "communion by intimate participation". It also describes a sense of Christian community that encounters both God and the other. I like those meanings, and hope this site becomes a place for
koinonia to occur on the web (if such a thing is possible). I chose the title for three reasons:
  1. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that there is no such thing as a solitary Christian. We are called to be in community with fellow believers, as well as with the rest of the world.
  2. The church where I work has a lounge area called the Koinonia Room. Some of my best work and most profound moments in my almost 6 years here have taken place in that room
  3. Last summer, a group from our church visited our friends / partners in ministry in Jackson, MS. One of the highlights of that trip was to spend time in an old abandoned house that was rebuilt into a coffee shop, which was named the Koinonia Coffee House.
The word koinonia keeps popping into my life, both in it's Greek form and also in the way it defines that's what I'm calling this website...for now.

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