Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Faith Lens

I think Faith Lens is the best (free!) lectionary-based resource out there. When I first got started in youth ministry, I was working with a microscopic program budget ($75 / month for grades K-12). I came across Faith Lens and thought I'd give it a try in our high school classroom. It wasn't complicated to teach, and required almost zero prep. The kids liked it (as much as teens will enjoy anything church-related at 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday) because it made connections with current events. It also gave kids - many of whom were not attending worship - an opportunity to discuss the appointed texts for the day.

And did I mention it's free!?!?!

Another cool feature is that Faith Lens is now set up as a blog...so you get receive it as an RSS feed, if you so choose. It's a great resource to give to your small group leaders...or, better yet, provide your young leaders with Faith Lens and let them lead the discussion!

* * * * *

In the interest of full disclosure, I occasionally contribute to Faith Lens...in fact, I did this week. I don't get any perks if a ton of people read / use my articles or not. So no conflict of interest, I promise.

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