Friday, March 6, 2009

Morning Latte

I'm substitute teaching today...which means I'm up a good 2 hours earlier than normal. (So this is how the other half lives.) As I stammered in to Valley High School, I found two things waiting for me -- a vanilla latte and a link to the 3/4/09 Daily Show. Before we got rid of cable / dish TV, my evening routine consisted of The Daily Show at 10pm, The Colbert Report at 10:30, and SportsCenter at 11:00. Since then (going on 2 years next week) I haven't seen a single episode...until this morning.

Enjoy the opening segment

Nice to see that Jonny hasn't lost his edge, as you can see by his crucifixion of CNBC.

"If only I had taken CNBC's advice, I'd have $1 million today...provided I had started with $100 million."

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