Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sacred Practices

My friend Dwight over at the Center for Renewal has been working on a pretty sweet continuing education experience called the Sacred Practices Series. You can read more about it at In short, the series consists of six, 3-day events over the course of two years that focus on growing excellent leadership among congregational leaders. It's relatively inexpensive, too. ($1,900 for the whole thing...and you can apply for a $1,000 grant!)

As I listened to Nadia Bolz-Weber yesterday on the Praxis Podcast, I was reminded why sacred practices (especially liturgical sacred practices) are so important and meaningful. It connects us to the billions of faithful Christians that have come before us. There is also an element of mystery that can be difficult for us headstrong Lutherans to wrap our heads around. This is why Nadia's church does a lot of a cappella chant during their worship. I dig it...

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