Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Orleans Hoops

This article (and others like it) make me excited to be a part of 36,000+ people that are hoping to make a "Lutheran footprint" on the city of New Orleans this summer.

"I think the only reason you are able to talk to me right now is because of sports," says Ward McClendon, a close friend of one of the residents who watched curiously as we measured up our initial photo opportunity. "I think, without the sports in my life at the time, I would either be dead right now or spending my life in the penitentiary."

Ward McClendon is a hero in this neighbourhood, born and raised in the Lower Ninth. On the recommendation of a stranger working diligently to repair his home, we tracked him down to talk about a project he had been working on.

With the help of over 4,500 volunteers in its first year alone (and as of Feb. 2009, not a single government dollar) the Lower Ninth Ward Village blossomed into a charitable organization capable of getting things done.

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  1. I love the name of it, "Jesus, Justice, Jazz". (maybe they could have added "jambalaya"). I was in New Orleans twice last year, the second time with our youth group contributing to the rebuilding efforts. We were in Chalmette, just east of the 9th ward. It's a special city in the midst of a tragic time. So much now is working against them and that seems to be an accurate summary of the city's history.
    We're planning on going back in 2010. Let me know if your groups goes too.


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